• Your Question is very smart and lead far reaching secret things of human births. Generally, it is not asked by common persons. Hardly anyone is aware of this fact as why we are birth as human beings and die. However, I will define it briefly as under for your ready reference:-

    As per Hindu/Sanatan vedic Culture- Human birth is very rare and it is allowed to any beings, when Lord Supreme Hari is mercifully allowes to birth as human. Because, we and all beings or embodiments are always under the cyle of differnt 84 Lakhs. Means- birth or rebirth and death in different forms are continuously repeated, unless one soul does not get Moksha or Nirvaan. Means, One is attained Lord Hari finally. दुर्लभ मनुष्य जन्म हैं, देह न बराम बार, तरुबर से पत्ते झड़े, लागे न बारम बार.

    बड़े भाग्य मनुष्य तन पावा, सुर दुर्लभ ग्रंथन सब गाबा. (श्री राम चरित्र मानस) अर्थात- मनषय तन बार बार नहीं मिलता और मिलता हैं तो इसका सदुपयोग श्री हरि के शरण होकर करने चाहिए. यही बात ग्रंथ में लिखा हैं की बड़े भाग्य से मनुष्य शरीर प्राप्त होता हैं जो की देवताओ को भी दुर्लभ हैं. So, human birth is very rare and it is not given by lord for doing mischief or to have one;s way as generally we hear and notice in our society. As, myself also noticed people saying, that life is for limited times, so, we must try to live and do as we desire. But our Literature- forbids it and it defines human birth is blessed to us as a gift of Lord. Because, we are not born for like live, earn, for serving our childs, making our homes, buildings, business and finally death. If we do so and are given for, then what is differnce between animals and us (Human beings)?

    Though, earning and doing business, serving our parents,children or service also important things for our life and one should certainly do it, but they are items for here in material world, Mirtyu Lok/earthly living. These items have no role to play, when one goes to parlok, after leaving all these things here abondon.

    We are born here for knowing ourself as we are in the trap of 84 lakhs cycles. It is said in Sanskrit as Bhav Sagar. So, unless, we know ourself as Tatvah: and Bhagwaan Supreme Lord, we will never be freed from the cyles of 84 Lakhs birth or rebirth and death. We all have been died several infinite times in the past and it is our birth due some noble and bad karma in last birth also. So, we human beings are allowed to do new Kama for next birth and what we did as bad or noble taks, are yied results also as in the form of grief, pain, disease, joy, happy life or porvery etc. So, what we did are visible before us. That is why, it is said that one should not hurt or harm anyone or even animals or birds, because, what we do, will be our own account for next birth and even sometimes present life also.

    So, Human birth is for knowing one’s Tatva or reality and for taking refuge to the lotus feet of Lord Hari, otherwise, the cycle of death and birth will continue for unlimited periods. Animals and birds are not given those sense like human beings, so We are unqiue creation also. I think, your confusion about human birth is must be out now. /Jai Sri Ram/

By johndoe

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